All T-shirts now £10 including P&P

Order a t-shirt from here and get it for only £10 including P&P!


Pre-order for pre-christmas delivery!

We’re opening sales again for the last time this year to give you the opportunity to pre-order with knowledge of a guaranteed delivery in time for christmas. So if you think you know someone who would appreciate a jersey for christmas, now is the time to order!! Orders will be taken up to 4th November. Just click here :-).

Pre-order jerseys again until Sunday 25th September

There’s been a lot of enquiries about when the we will next be taking orders for jerseys so starting today and ending NEXT Sunday evening (25th September) pre-orders are being taken for the third lot. The week long order period is to try and reduce the amount of time people are waiting for the jerseys as they take around 4-5 weeks for them to get made and to get sent out to me. Just click on the Cycling Jerseys page and details of how to order are on there.


First batch of jerseys are ready

Great news – the first batch of jerseys are ready! Thank you everybody for your patience I know that it’s been quite a long wait but I will be sending them out first thing on Monday morning once I pick them up this weekend.

Pre-order for Cycling jerseys now until the end of August

The first batch are in production but you can pre-order now until the end of August for the next batch of Save a Cyclist cycling jerseys. Here are the final designs, slightly altered with the Cyclist Defence Fund logo in the pocket and the hashtag removed from the original design.




Just go to the Cycling Jersey page to order today!

Cycling teams: follow in the footsteps of Cycle Premier-Metaltek !

Many of you will have seen the riders and staff of the Cycle Premier-Metaltek racing team out and about at races in their team issue casual Save a Cyclist T-shirts. The team are passionate about promoting road safety within communities and have been involved in promotions at several supermarket chains.

We are now offering the opportunity for small clubs and teams to order more than 10 t-shirts (at a reduced cost) in their team kit colours. That way, you can make sure that your casual wear will match the colour scheme of your team and look as good as the Cycle Premier-Metaltek guys do! So, do you own or run a cycling club/racing team? Or do you ride for one and think that you and a few of your team-mates would be interested in ordering? Please get in touch by clicking on the “contact” tab with details of the team colours and the amount of t-shirts you would like to enquire about!

You can still pre-order if you’re quick!

The pre-order period for Cycling Jerseys has technically finished, but seen as it’s almost the weekend and they haven’t started being made yet then we’re offering you a last chance to get yours ordered! Sales have already raised £120 for the cyclist’ defence fund! That brings our charity total to well over £500 so far. Be part of something special and order your jersey here! And don’t forget t-shirts are still available here.

It’s important that everybody stays passionate about the subject of road safety and that we keep trying to raise awareness of it. We have to do things on an individual level  until the government takes our issues seriously enough to make real change in the country. I know for a fact that I have changed a few attitudes towards cyclists and even inspired some people to get on a bike themselves! That can’t be bad can it 🙂

Thanks for everybody’s support!

Jersey donations to go to the Cyclists Defence Fund

As a campaign we already support the Dave Rayner fund and the Braveheart fund through our T-shirt and car sticker sales. We feel that contributions from the cycling jerseys should go to a cause that will benefit all cyclists that may have to deal with any legal issues surrounding road safety. We have therefore decided to support the Cyclists Defence Fund who are on the front line helping to fight for cyclist’s rights. A donation of £5 per jersey will be donated to the fund.

Pre-order your new cycling jersey!

We are now taking pre-orders for our new range of Save a Cyclist jerseys on the Cycling Jerseys page (designs courtesy of We will be contributing £5.00 per jersey to a cycling related charity, which has yet to be confirmed, so if you know of a worthy cause we could support please get in touch or write on our Facebook page.

For more information, and to order, just click here!

Lewis Balyckyi memorial ride

Check out the Lewis Balyckyi trust fund website for information on a number of different rides that follow Lewis’ favourite training routes. The death of Lewis was one of the main driving forces behind this campaign so please show your support!

Information here: